August Photography Project: Orange


The color of the month is orange and I found it somewhat difficult to take any really pleasing pictures, as I am not a big fan of this color. The thing that I’m really loving about this project though is the challenge to find the mundane and try to see it creatively. Even if I am not a fan, the idea is to see things differently through the lens of my camera. The problem comes when I compare my photography to other people’s photography. Then I tend to want to give up, since I feel that I will never measure up. I am reminded often by my husband, who is an excellent photographer, that everyone started somewhere and grew from there. That is what this is all about for me: a challenge to persevere and be the best that I can be, and a challenge to keep pressing on in the midst of failure. I am proud of myself for sticking with this, as it is often easier for me to give up than keep on going! 🙂

As for my other project, the list of happy things, it will be somewhat delayed as I lost the list and will need to redo it! I had a good list going of 25 things too. Oh well, I will work on it over the next couple of weeks and post something in early September. Until then, I will be on vacation. 🙂

Here are my orange pictures. Enjoy!

sophandjen                     augorange9                         augorange

augorange3                        augorange7                      DSC_0022


augorange6          carrots                        augorange8                                                                                        

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