“Remember Me.” ~2016

  This has been a year worth remembering. For many, it’s a year that they want to see come to a swift and painful demise. So many people have been saying lately that 2016 was worthless, awful, and just plain nasty. I ask that you take a look at it again and consider what the Lord has done for you this year. Yes, many bad things have happened, but there was also plenty of good. I bet that if you […]

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December Photography Project: A Collage of my Favorite shots from this Year’s Projects

Well, I totally missed doing the November photo project because of my girls being involved in a traveling choir that toured every weekend. Plus I took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit my family and my new, beautiful niece! That was a lot of fun, but it meant that I had almost no free time to write for a whole month! Now that I am done with Christmas shopping, wrapping, and baking, I have a few minutes. 😉 As my […]

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