July Photography Project: Black and White

There is a special beauty that is black and white photography. It evokes different emotions in me than a color photograph does. When I was a little girl and would watch movies in black and white sometimes, I remember thinking that it was such a pity that those people had to live in such a colorless world. I thought they truly lived in black and white! This project again forced me to “think outside of the box” so to speak […]

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Short and Sweet

I was asked a question recently that left me praying and seeking the right way to answer it. Someone asked me,”What is there to look forward to in this life?” The implication was that there is, of course, the blessed hope of eternity, but the real question was if there was something to actually look forward to while we’re here. I mean, it is easy to hope in heaven and look forward to going there someday. But what should keep […]

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