“The Bell Cannot Be Unrung.”

    We took our daughter Laura, who just turned 15, to the movies last weekend. There was much debate about which movie to see. She wanted to see a movie that we felt was inappropriate for her to be viewing, so we found another movie she would enjoy and saw it instead. The movie we saw was Batman vs. Superman. We all had a good time, because even though it is not my type of movie, it was nice […]

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April Photography Projects (Green & Patterns)

  April’s projects were more challenging than I thought they would be, but I managed to get some interesting shots. I was constantly on the lookout for differing shades of green, which of course are abundant in the spring. There are yellow-greens and deep greens and everything in between. I even found some green patterns! Part of the reason I am doing these projects is to hone my eye to see more creatively. I want to notice things, looking for […]

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Just a Note

  I just wanted to write a quick note to let you all know that I haven’t dropped out of the blogosphere. As usual I have been busy with my family, which of course needs to come before my hobby. 😉 In the meantime, I have been taking pictures for my April projects; spending time with my husband (who is recently back from a 10 day trip to Florida); trying to stay on track with finishing up our school year […]

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I had a realization about myself the other day, I spend way too much time focused on me. I worry too much about my needs, my time, and my unfulfilled hopes and dreams. When I should be laser-focused on what I can do for God and others; I am busy plotting how to make my own life easier or better. I have always mistakenly assumed that my main goal in life was to bring glory to God. However, in reality […]

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Photography Plan of the Month

  It’s a new month and time for a new color! It seems that whatever color I choose for the month, all of a sudden I see it everywhere. This month I chose green because it is so prolific in the springtime. And especially after a long and drearily boring monochromatic winter, I enjoy that pop of color. There are so many shades of green! Did you ever notice that the new leaves in the spring are a pretty sort […]

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Samaritan Ministries Testimonial

  Earlier this year we had to take one of our daughters to spend the day at the emergency room. It was New Year’s Day, in fact. She had been having great difficulty breathing the night before, and alerted us about the trouble the following morning when she awoke. We insisted that she be seen by a doctor, as we were uncertain of what was happening. When she arrived at the hospital she was given a breathing treatment and subsequently […]

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