The Cup of Christ

  I’d like to share with you something wonderful and amazing that my brother-in-law, Steve, shared with our family as we sat around the table after Easter dinner this year. It was a video he had come across by Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North regarding the true significance of the cup of Christ. As he sat and related this to us, my eyes were really opened and I began to get goosebumps as I thought about God and His […]

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March Photography Project (Blue)

  I chose blue to be my theme color for the month of March. I had a lot of fun trying to look for blue everywhere I could find it, both inside and outside. I tried to choose different items to photograph this time than the ones that I chose for last month’s project. I hope you will enjoy the objects I chose to incorporate and that they will bring a beautiful pop of color to your day! March can […]

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Fill ‘er up!

      As usual my weekend went by in a flurry of activity, but many things were accomplished and it was fun! Friday night I dropped off two of my teens at church for a retreat that they were going to with their youth group. On Saturday I was able to spend some quality time getting to really know a couple of sweet friends from church while I waited for my daughters to practice for a musical they will […]

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“Why do you go to Church?” -God

    I’ve been feeling so introspective lately. I don’t know if it is the time of year, the age I’m at, or maybe the insanity of being cooped up in the house pretty much all winter. At any rate, I’ve felt like God has been probing my heart and asking me some questions lately. One of them is this, “Why do you go to church?” I have a lot of friends at church: funny friends, serious friends, hugging friends, […]

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Birthday-palooza and more! :)

This week represents the birthdays of many people dear to me: three of my children, my mother-in-law, and my son’s girlfriend. And next week are two more family and girlfriend birthdays. It’s like Christmas in March for our family! All of this fun makes my head spin, so I am glad to have a breather for a few days in between. The other things that are going on in our wild and crazy kid-filled life are: school, choir concerts, youth […]

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More Helpful Tips For Home Schooling :)

  As a parent you know your own child well. In today’s post I’d like to explain how knowing them and tailoring your teaching to their skills is the best way to educate them. I also want to delve into God’s ideas on the subject of educating our children. When I say that we can tailor-fit each child’s education to them, I do not mean that we should let them dictate what, how, and when they will learn. Because let’s […]

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