Thirty Days of Thankful: Days Four and Five

This post brings a thankfulness of the joys, and even trials of teaching my kids at home . I truly love the time that I get to spend instructing them, caring for them, and being involved in their precious lives. They are my gift to the world, and I want to be sure that they will not be returned or exchanged for something better. 🙂 As I was thinking about this yesterday, I realized that I want to be the […]

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Thirty Days of Thankful: Day Three

It’s good to count our blessings and pause for a few moments out of our ever-busy lives to simply reflect on something we are thankful for. It is a good discipline to develop. Whether you are wealthy or destitute, healthy or ill, joyful or grief-stricken, each of us can stop to remember the things that bring us joy, delight, and thankfulness. Today I am grateful for my extended family.  I have a wonderful group of people that I am privileged […]

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Thirty Days of Thankful: Day Two

  Today I am so thankful for my church. Our family began attending our present church about a year ago, and we absolutely love it here. Everyone is warmly welcoming and friendly. It’s like a large extended family where everyone wants to be together and have fun! We have many opportunities each week to gather for prayer, study, service to others, and fellowship. I am so blessed to be a part of God’s plans here. We are not perfect, but […]

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Thirty Days of Thankful: Day One

As I sit and think about what makes me happy and what I am truly thankful for, many things come to mind. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing each day. But I will give it my best shot. Today I am thankful for my hard-working husband. He gets up each day to go out and face the world so that I can be here raising and loving on our eight children. I love that when he […]

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Money Making Mom Book Launch

Dear Friends, I am so excited to have the opportunity to be on the book launch team for a new book by Money Saving Mom, Crystal Paine, for her book that’s coming out on November 3rd. The book is called Money Making Mom, and is available to pre-order through Amazon, and Christian Book Distributors, just to name a few. Since I am reviewing the book I got my copy early! This is such an encouraging read! It gives many excellent […]

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Thirty Days of Thankful

Hello Friends! I wanted to let you all know about what’s coming up this month. I’ll be starting a series I am calling Thirty Days of Thankful starting this Wednesday, October 28th. Being that we are about a month out from Thanksgiving, I thought it would be an encouragement to us all to “count our blessings”. Each week I will be posting at least several times about the things that I am most thankful for in my life. I would love […]

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The beauty of the season!

All of these pictures, with the exception of the two blue-sky ones, were taken in my yard. I am so happy to be blessed by such incredibly gorgeous trees in my own yard! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 🙂

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Just Read :)

Today I thought I’d tell you about some of my favorite books! As I’ve mentioned before, I love books and reading. Basically anything to do with words on a page just thrills my soul! In fact, I’m such a purist that I resisted my husband’s offer to buy me a Kindle for a long time because it wasn’t the same as an actual book in my hands! I love the feel and smell of “real” books so much. I bet […]

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Respect and Common Courtesy: The Seemingly Unattainable Dream?

Respect and courtesy. These are words that we are all familiar with. But what do they really mean, and what do they look like in today’s day and age? For the most part, it doesn’t look like people understand their meaning at all anymore. In this post, I’m going to explore how we can change that! There used to be something called “common courtesy”. There was a time when respecting your elders and other people in general, giving up your […]

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8+ Things I Love About Autumn

Today’s post is dedicated to all you autumn lovers out there. Autumn is definitely my very favorite season of the year. Some people don’t like it because it means that winter is right around the corner, but I think that it’s wondrous! It serves as a sort of grand finale to the beauty of summer. So here goes: *S Gerald Scott Photography* 1. Cider Mills top my list! If you have never experienced the glory of an icy,cold, freshly-pressed cup of […]

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