10 Things I love about Jesus (Part 2)

  Here is the second half of my “sermon” πŸ™‚Β  Enjoy!   6) He fills me with His joy. Jesus fills me daily with a joy that can only come from Him. There is certainly no real joy found in this world. It is full of stress and striving, diets and exercise, πŸ˜‰ bills and financial woes, sadness and worry, disease and death, and a host of other things. The things in this world that do bring me joy are […]

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10 things I love about Jesus (Part 1)

As I sat and thought about all the many things I wanted to say on this topic, I realized that it might be too much to “digest” all at once since it is summer and our minds are on a break. πŸ˜‰Β  Part 2 will be on its way to you shortly. I hope you will be encouraged and uplifted by the thoughts that God has given me here and that you will seek Him out yourself. God’s blessings on […]

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Father’s Day Gift

  We have a new addition to our yard, a fabulous patio. This year for Father’s Day our oldest son, Brad, gave his dad the gift of building him a patio for our table and chair set. Here are some pictures chronicling its creation: Unloading the stones         Digging up the sod to level the area Putting sand down over the landscape fabric Nathan thought it was great fun to play in the gigantic truck sandbox!   […]

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Happy Birthday to me :)

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday with my family. It was really nice. We worked around the house a little, made a bonfire, and swam. The beginning part of the day involved me resting a little and reading in the beautiful present my kids bought me, a zero-gravity,reclining lawn chair. Scott brought me home a delicious ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, along with some charmingly quaint flowers for my cottage garden! He has made me such a beautiful […]

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Color makes me happy!

Here are some more pictures of the beautiful flowers thatΒ  are growing in my garden this year!   And here are some pictures of the tasty veggies we will be enjoying around our table. By the way, these sunflowers all reseeded themselves and popped up randomly throughout the veggie garden. πŸ™‚

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STATUS: Idk, ttyl, lol

    Texting is a convenient and quick way to chat with someone. I love to be able to text my husband and kidlets to ask them questions and give them information, but are there times when texting is inappropriate? YES πŸ™‚ Texting is inappropriate when you need to really talk to someone. Emotions, feelings, and word emphasis don’t always show up as intended in a text; even if you use an emoticon. πŸ™‚ Facebook posts are a good example […]

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Story Time! (July)

      Today I am starting something new. When I first started tossing around ideas for my blog, I thought about doing an interactive story. For example, I would write a few lines, then you, my readers, would add to it through comments on this blog post. Then I would add some more and we would have a fun time seeing how our story develops! My only requirements would be that the story has a G or PG rating. […]

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Camping Under the Stars

Camping under the stars…sounds romantic and dreamy, right? As a child I camped out under the stars a few times and it was dreamy and exciting. Of course I was a child then and not responsible for the cooking, clean-up, packing, unpacking and LAUNDRY involved in a camping trip. We are going on a camping trip in a couple of weeks and the mad dash of preparations has begun. From now until we leave I will be planning, preparing food […]

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My Family Rocks!

I have the best family! Let me elaborate. πŸ™‚ The other day when I needed a man’s opinion about something so that I could bless my husband, I talked to my brother-in-law Steve. He was such a help to me, and even though we were standing outside getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, he stood patiently and answered my questions. Then yesterday my other brother-in-law, Scott, stopped by our home just to let us know that he loves our family. He […]

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5 ways to be Courteous

Have you noticed lately that certain people think that they are the exception to the rule? I mean kudos to their healthy self-image and all, but they still need to follow theΒ  rules. For example, today as I drove through my lovely downtown area, there was a man riding his bike across the crosswalk. Now I have always been told that bikes are to follow the rules of the road like a car would, but maybe this adult guy didn’t […]

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