Taking the Time

My husband and I have a standing arrangement that we go for a leisurely walk around our property and the vacant one next door each night. Usually by the time we get to this time of the day, we are both exhausted and ready for a nap in front of the television. But it is important for us to take this time to unwind and chat without the constant interruptions of our kidlets (even though they try!) Most days we […]

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Delight in the garden

  Just for fun I thought I’d show you some incredibly beautiful flowers growing right outside my bedroom window! I planted these from a large bag of wildflower seeds about 3 years ago. Since then they have come up faithfully every year and multiplied as well. They start out every spring looking like a big mess of weeds, but if I’m patient and don’t pull them out; they turn into this. I just adore the vibrant colors of the poppies […]

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I said I would tell you more about coffee later so here goes.I used to be a tea person. Now I have officially become a coffee person. Can you be both? Would that be like being a cat person AND a dog person? Why do you have to be one or the other? The thing I like better about coffee is the thick smoothness of it with just a bit of bitter at the end. It is so soothing and […]

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One of my Favorite sites


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Kids, books, and coffee

I just took my first dip in our backyard pool this morning after doing some chores out in the sweltering hot temperatures of about 80 degrees or so. Whew, did that feel great! Of course my kids have been going in since we first opened the pool when the outside temps reached 60ish. We live in Michigan and we are hardy! Anyway, I love that they can just hop on in the pool and learn to swim so easily. Kids […]

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Weird thing #5,000 that I wonder about

Does anyone out there have a number that you use when you exaggerate? I do. Mine is 5. For example, I had to make about 500 phone calls to figure out how to set up this blog. I still have about 50,000 things to do before dinner. I’ve told you 50 times not to bother me right now (well this one may actually be true). I don’t know why it’s the number 5. Maybe it’s because I have 5 fingers […]

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A Picture of our Life

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a picture album worth? Here are some pictures from my album. And here are my “thousand words”. Did you ever have a day where everything was going poorly, awfully, nastily? I’m sure that none of you have. Me neither, so let’s move on to something else. Just kidding! Bad days come to us all, especially bad parenting days: the quarrels, the bad attitudes, the messes, etc. Well recently I had […]

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My First Blog!

Writing a blog is new to me, and I’m excited to be on this journey! I’ve always enjoyed writing. I’ve written poetry and started dozens of stories in my head. I’m sure this will be much different, but that it will be an enjoyable pastime. I love learning, and I’m really excited to enter the world of blogging to share my thoughts with you about the many things that pass through my head each day. In case you’re wondering about […]

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