“Remember Me.” ~2016

  This has been a year worth remembering. For many, it’s a year that they want to see come to a swift and painful demise. So many people have been saying lately that 2016 was worthless, awful, and just plain nasty. I ask that you take a look at it again and consider what the Lord has done for you this year. Yes, many bad things have happened, but there was also plenty of good. I bet that if you […]

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December Photography Project: A Collage of my Favorite shots from this Year’s Projects

Well, I totally missed doing the November photo project because of my girls being involved in a traveling choir that toured every weekend. Plus I took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit my family and my new, beautiful niece! That was a lot of fun, but it meant that I had almost no free time to write for a whole month! Now that I am done with Christmas shopping, wrapping, and baking, I have a few minutes. 😉 As my […]

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October Photography Project: Silver

I like to look for photography ideas and color schemes wherever I go. This month my chosen color scheme was silver. I like shiny things, so it was fun thinking up ideas for silver. My husband, Scott, also gave me a few ideas. I enjoyed this project, even though I couldn’t spend as much time on it as I would have liked. It has been a super busy month! Next month I will be running here and there and everywhere […]

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“100 Happy Things” or Maybe 13?

As I was thinking today, I remembered a post that I had written in August about finding my joy and photographing my “100 happy things”. Sadly, I was seriously sidetracked from my project by losing the notebook that I made my list in! I became discouraged and kind of let other projects fill up my days instead. This summer has been rough on me in a lot of different ways. My life is changing right now and my emotional well-being […]

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Exodus Exposition

I am currently reading and studying the book of Exodus. I’ll admit that it is a little tedious and wordy, as it is full of rules for God’s people to follow as well as very specific blueprints for the construction of the Tabernacle. (The Tabernacle was the movable sanctuary where the priests were to offer regular sacrifices to God.) God was very clear in His instructions to His people, the Israelites. He was not ambiguous or confusing in His laws […]

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September Photography Project: Brown

Here it is…the long awaited September photo project! I just know that you’ve all been sitting before your computer monitors holding your collective breath…waiting, Waiting, WAITING!! 🙂 I give myself a “D” for handing it in on time, since it is OCTOBER! The color I chose for this month is rather boring and bland, but I did find some objects worthy of my attention. 😉 Here they are. I hope you enjoy them!               […]

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My Camping Excursion and a Photo Essay

Well, we returned from camping about a week ago and I am finally finishing up my laundry. It sits there and clogs up my laundry room for about a week after each year’s camping trip, and when I am finally finished it is just so satisfying! 🙂 I was thinking the whole time I was gone about how I would describe this camping trip to you when I got home. It was a really good trip. While I was there […]

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An Excellent Life

  We, as Christians, have an enemy. He is real. He is the devil, and his goal is to destroy us. How do I know this? The Bible tells me plainly in 1 Peter 5:8, “ Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He is not content to leave us alone. If we think that we can live on yesterday’s success, we will be sorely disappointed. I […]

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August Photography Project: Orange

  The color of the month is orange and I found it somewhat difficult to take any really pleasing pictures, as I am not a big fan of this color. The thing that I’m really loving about this project though is the challenge to find the mundane and try to see it creatively. Even if I am not a fan, the idea is to see things differently through the lens of my camera. The problem comes when I compare my […]

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A Little Pick-Me-Up

  In addition to my regular photography project, I’ve decided to do another little project of sorts this summer. I am compiling a list of things that make me feel happy, and I will attempt to photograph most of them. I need a little pick me up as I have been down in the dumps lately. I decided that re-focusing my attention on good things will be a helpful practice. I have ambitious plans of my list including 100 things. […]

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